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FLOW RAIL is the ultimate high-density racking system for pallets. Combining the flexibility of push-back with the density of drive-in systems, FLOW RAIL lets warehouse managers stock up to 10 pallets in the same lane — and mix different SKUs in the same bay.

Goods can be picked individually from any level without having to empty the levels above and below. And unlike drive-in systems, which on average stand 40% empty because bays need to be fully emptied for effective stock rotation.

FLOW RAIL makes each lane independent resulting in occupancy ratios in the order of 85%. FLOW RAIL also delivers more storage capacity in the same floor space. While push-back systems typically consist of lanes up to 6 pallets deep, FLOW RAIL lanes can hold up to 10. And since there’s no incline, there’s no wasted vertical space.

What Exprolink does for FLOW RAIL:

  • Product management
  • Supply chain
  • Sales & Distributions in North America
  • Warehouse, parts & service

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